Sunday, November 05, 2006

To Run away

Today is just one of those days!
We overslept this morning and the baby was being grouchy so we didnt make it to church I hate it when that happens, I always feel weird al day like I missed something very important (which I am shur I did miss a good message we have a great pastor)
So we laid around most of the morning and when my beautiful daughter asked to play video games I remembered that we were so busy yesterday that the kids didnt practice their music lessons all day so I told her to practice her piano first and then she could play, apparently that is where I went wrong! She will practice for about 5 minutes (if that) and then ask if she is done knowing that she has to practice for an hour!!! So then the fight followed that she gets frustrated because she messes up and I keep trying to tell her that if she dosent practice she will never get it right, but what do I know I am just Mom right?
OK enough of my gripe session here is something funny to brighten your day! (and hopefully mine!)

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