Thursday, November 30, 2006

I wonder....

Since I missed a few days of blogging due to the stupid people not turning it on in time during our move, if having 2 extra blogs makes up for the fact that I missed 2?
Anyway, Just wanted to gripe for a minute again, we ordered Pizza tonight (something we do a lot) it was supposed to be delivered in an hour 2 hours later we were still waiting! I tried calling but then they decided not to answer the phone. I had to actually get into my car in the pouring rain and go over there to find out what was wrong. Apparently the oven broke. I don't know but I can bet that a phone call from them to let us know that the oven was broken might have been nice. What do you think?
Oh well I got a $25 credit for our next purchase (which was more that our pizza tonight lol)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Almost there!

I cant believe I stuck with this for the whole month! But NaBloPoMo is almost over! I have really enjoyed blogging I feel like it has stretched my mind some I guess all the Barney and Elmo hasn't melted my brain after all :)
I finally had the cable guy get here today! I have been going insane with no TV for the past 2 weeks! We got satellite this time Tod thought it might be better but we will see, as long as I don't miss my favorite shows lol I will be fine. But we did get the DVR this time!! I am so excited! So if we are out I wont have to miss stuff like Lost! yes yes I am a Lost addict I cant help it.
Anyway I have to go jump into the shower we have a luau to go to tonight I have no idea why they would plan a luau in November in Tennessee! Can you say cold weather!!!!????!!!
Anyway better go 2 days left!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Story of Tod and Cheri

OK so I know my blog has been a bit boring lately but that is only because of the move and Thanksgiving lol I promise!

So Anyway here goes the story of us:

The first time I ever saw Tod was in 10th grade biology class, he sat behind me and across the row his friend sat directly behind me. We never talked because we hung out in completely different circles of friends, I was a quiet (kind of lol) church girl, and he hung out with all the cool kids that liked to party.

Our 11th grade year I moved away, because of my Dad's work (long story) but we had to move for a year. I was not a happy camper because I did NOT want to leave all my friends my JR year of High School and go to some strange place and make new friends! So I decided to make my parents life miserable and decided that being a good girl was getting boring so I made new friends in our new town, and I started dating another guy (another long story) and started drinking a lot. I drank so much in fact that I earned myself a party girl reputation and had a few VERY UNTRUE rumors started about me, not fun by the way.

At the end of my JR year my dad tells me that we can move back to Amarillo, and I can return to my friends there, now that I had changed so much I really didn't want to hang out with them anymore, but I had a few friends that I could hang out with still. I got a job at the mall in town and one night while I was at work an old friend stopped in and said hi, he invited me to hang out with him and some friends that night after work I agreed and met them at a park that night. Little did I know that night would change my whole life.

I went to the park and found my old friend (which by the way he invited me because he wanted to ask me out) he had some other friends, including Tod, with him and they had just gotten into a fight with some kids from the other side of town. After everything settled down from the fight we figured we should get out of there so we headed to Chris' house (myself, Chris, and Tod) we had a few drinks and Tod and I started talking, OK crying, about all the pain we have had over the past year caused by the opposite sex. Chris was sitting on the floor listening patiently until he finally had enough and told us to shut up and kiss already. Well we didn't kiss that night but it did put the thought into our heads and it wasn't long before we were a hot item. And lets just say my conservative christian parents did not like my new choice for a boyfriend! But they knew from the last year they couldn't do much to stop me.

Tod and I dated for our entire Senior year of High School. At the end of the summer I was about to head off to college and Tod and I had been doing a lot of fighting and honestly I was tired of it. I told him I did not want to spend the rest of my life fighting with him and broke up with him, the night before I left for college. Well that lasted about 3 months and I soon realized how much I missed his grouchy butt. So we got back together much to my family's dismay, and soon after that we decided to get married and Tod joined the Army. He left a week after we got married and went to basic training. The first 6 months of our marriage we were separated, we saw each other a handful of times and as soon as we could we were together again.
Now here we are 14 years later, more in love than ever.
I am so blessed!

Monday, November 27, 2006

HI HO HI HO.......

OK so I don't have to leave to do work but boy have I been working my butt off the past 2 days! With the exception of doing some shopping yesterday lol but in my defense I had to get a Birthday present for Tod since Today is his birthday (big 34!)
Last night we hung some pictures finally, and put out the Christmas decorations. I was so exhausted after that I didn't feel like finishing the kids rooms hopefully I can get to that tonight. I had to unpack the office just so they could start school this morning they had tests and quizzes to do and the quiz and test books were still packed away. So I found the books, and got it all put up and most of my scrapping stuff put up so I thought I earned a break to sit down for a minute.
As I sit here I realize that my blog has been pretty boring lately but then I have been doing nothing but moving the past few weeks.
Hopefully tomorrow I can post something more interesting. But until then I should get back to work on unpacking.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Still working hard

It seems like when you move it takes FOREVER to get out from under all the boxes. We have been trying to unpack slowly but surely. I have to get our Christmas decorations up now too, I have always been one to get them up right after Thanksgiving so that I can enjoy them as long as possible, I also don't take them down until New Years Day.
So here it is 6:00 PM my family just sat down to eat after that we are putting up the tree and all the other decorations (I don't even have pictures on the walls yet either lol) then I have to get the kids rooms finished so that they can start back to school tomorrow. We are so far behind on school this year because we have taken a few days off here and there we are going to have to work extra hard so that they can finish before summer!
So instead of working I am sitting here writing in my blog, oh yeah I also went shopping today for a few hours lol anything to avoid the inevitable work! lol

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Home at Last

Trips are so much fun but it is always good to be home.

Friday, November 24, 2006

This is Nuckin Futs!

I could not believe my eyes this morning as my husband and I woke up at the crack (OK WAY before the crack) of dawn, we headed our tired butts to Best Buy to buy a new computer for my mother in law and the crowds at the store were unbelievable! We found what we wanted fairly quickly but had to wait in line for well over an hour to check out! The length people will go to to save a few hundred bucks!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I love spending time with family for holidays.
We are spending time this thanksgiving with my in laws, I feel very blessed to have a wonderful family of in laws!
They are nice enough to let me use their computer so that I can continue with my blogging while I am not home lol.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I just thought I would sit down and tell you what I am thankful for, there is so much to be thankful for in my life but I will just go with the big things for now.

1. God
He has done so much in my life I cant even begin to explain it all, He has watched over me and protected me during all my days as a crazy mixed up teenager. He made sure I had an awesome family and home to grow up in, which brings me to number 2

2. My family
Everyone has those ones in their family that drive them nuts and mine is no exception but I am still thankful for them being a part of my life, they have helped to make me who I am today.

3. My Husband!
He is my hero, a solider, a father to my children, and a wonderful and loving husband.

4. My Kids
Tanner, Savana, and Kaylin. They drive me nuts most days but they are so beautiful and precious to me.

5. My Friends
I move around so much that it is hard to keep friends for very long but I have a select few that I still talk to every week even though they are thousands of miles away, I wouldn't be sane with out them.

I am so blessed!
I hope you all feel the same.
Happy Thanksgiving (a day early lol)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Adventures in moving

OK so here is the story I wanted to share.........

Moving last week posed several hurdles, Tod was working nonstop so he was for the most part no help whatsoever. I was on my own! I had a couple friends keep the kids as much as they could on Thursday and Friday, Saturday we had somewhere for all three kids to go so that we could clean the old house. Well that was the plan anyway, and you know what they say about well laid plans.....

The moving guys packed me Thursday (just in case you haven't been reading lol) Friday they loaded all my stuff onto their truck and took it to the new house. Tod wanted some stuff taken by us so as the movers were loading so was I. I loaded my van with clothes, and the smaller animals we have (1 hamster 2 crabs 2 birds) I finished before the movers did so I waited for them and got in my car to head to my new house, I checked the animals to make sure they were all OK and there was no hamster in her cage! HOLY CRAP! I had a small rodent running around in my car full of clothes!!! The movers were already on their way to the new house so I couldn't stop to see if I could find her I had to drive all the way over to the new place with her running around in the car. The whole time I was convinced that she was going to run under my foot as I stepped on the brake or something and I was going to squish her! And if not I knew she would jump out as I opened the door. Well none of that happened thank goodness! I called my friend on the way over to see if she would come help me and I ended up with 2 friends helping me look for her at the new place. We carefully unloaded clothes and looked as we took stuff out of the car and the crawled out from under the seat like nothing happened.
Needless to say my moving guys said that was a first for them! and they thought it was quite funny.

Monday, November 20, 2006


I was so irritated st the phone /Internet co!
We moved on Friday had the phone and net turned off at the other house that day and it was supposed to be turned on the same day at the new place well here it is Monday and it JUST NOW got turned on! My Hubby had to call them from his cell phone this morning to see what the problem was, apparently there was a mix up in the lines somewhere, WHATEVER!!! Stupid people :P

Anyway! I think the kids are really enjoying being here on post things are a lot safer here they can actually go out and ride their bikes around the neighborhood now which is what they are doing right now. At the other place the street and well the whole area was so bad I didn't even want them in the front yard.
I still have a LOT of work to do my house is a disaster area and I am probably out of the running now on NaBloPoMo but still here I sit this has become an obsession for me now I can get through the day with out sitting down at least once to post something.

I should probably go try to get something done since the baby is asleep right now.
I do have a funny moving story I will try to make time to share tomorrow.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Moving Day

The movers are here loading my stuff into the truck. They will take it over to the new place and unload it there. I thought I would let you know just in case I don't have a chance to post a real blog today lol.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Avoiding work

OK so as I sit and watch the movers pack all my stuff neatly into boxes I thought I would sit and write a little in my blog. Not because I so desperately wanted to blog I am just avoiding doing any actual work lol.
I love to move the excitement of getting a new house, figuring out where I want to put everything, but what I don't like is the PROCESS of moving, the boxes the hard work ( have you figured out that I don't like hard work yet?) I like to have a chance to meet new people and making new friends, which is great since my husband is in the army and we are moving all the time is seems like.

Cool places we have been in the past 14 years:

Heidelberg Germany-3 years
Colorado Springs - a year and a half
San Antonio, TX - 1 year
Middle of nowhere Alabama - 2 years
El Paso Tx - almost 4 years
Tennessee - 2 years and counting

Wow that is a lot of moving!
In that time we have had 4 dogs, 4 birds, hermit crabs, a hamster, oh yeah and 3 kids.
right now we are at 1 dog, 2 birds, 2 hermit crabs, and 1 hamster, oh yeah and 3 kids lol

As I close for today I leave you with this:
"Life aint always beautiful, but its a beautiful ride."
Gary Allan

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


As most army wives I am very proud of my husband, but today was one of those days that just made me almost burst with pride for him.
The Army has traditions for everything from saying goodbye (which we do often) to promotions, from something as simple as exercising to something as exciting as a change of command. Today my husband took command of a company. (for those who have no idea what that means, he is now in charge of about 120 soldiers)
I know how great my husband is (in my humble opinion lol) but when I hear the speaker giving his list of where he has been and his awards he has been given over the 14 year span of his career, it just makes me burst with pride. And to know that those he works with have such a high opinion really lets me know that it isn't just me that thinks he is great. I am so blessed to have him as my husband. Next week after I get all settled in the new house I will tell you all the story of us, how we met, etc.

On another note I got on my computer tonight and my friend sends me an IM to tell me that her blog was mentioned in a review for NaBloPoMo. I thought it was nice for her to see a review on her blog to thing some one not only read it but thought it was good enough to mention it in their review, here is the review list if ya want to check it out NaBloPoMo Reviews.
So we wondered if mine got a review..... Well it did! I was shocked! and the post mentioned was a long one. That means someone actually took the time to read it! Holy cow! You mean to tell me someone actually thinks I am interesting enough to read my blog??!! Thank you so much Holly for taking the time to read all those blogs and thank you for mentioning me in your review.
OK I guess I should stop playing around and go get some work done around here!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Still busy!

So we picked up the keys to our new place yesterday and got some stuff moved over there. Since we are going to be rearranging how things are set up I had to get a new TV stand today. I spent over $400 bucks and it isn't even stained! Still that was a whole heck of a lot cheaper than some of the other stuff we looked at and this is more like what we wanted anyway.
I better get back to work now!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Busy day!

We have a busy day today so I thought I would pop on here and write something so that I can keep in the habit of writing everyday. We are moving all this week so most of this weeks posts will be short!
Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


OK so we made it to church today I enjoy going to church I always leave feeling better than when I went in, even though almost every time I hear something I don't want to like what all I am doing wrong for instance. Today was no exception. I was reminded of some things I already knew deep down in my heart but have been choosing to ignore lately. Things I know I shouldn't be doing but doing it anyway. You know you have too, we all do those things sometimes, deep down we know it will just cause trouble but we choose to ignore that small little voice that keeps bugging us to stop.

I could sit here and tell you that I am going to make an effort to stop and choose to listen to that voice, but I cant guarantee that I will. There are days that I know I would be better off if I did the right thing, but I still don't. I just somehow get it in my head that I need that ........ whatever it may be. That it will make me happy but instead it just makes me feel guilty because I know I am wrong.

Here's to change.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pigtails, Giggles, and Corn on the cob

Little ones are so precious espically with pigtails. What is it about pigtails that makes a little girl look so cute? Dont let this little angelic face fool you either she is trouble with a capital T. Mischief waiting to happen. But dog gone she is just so darn cute it is hard to stay mad at her for long.

Tod gave her some of his corn on the cob the other night for dinner and she had a blast with it! I practically had to pry it out of her hands even though there was absoutly no corn left on it at all!

I love being a mom!
I love my kids!
Kaylin Tanner and Savana!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Party night!

Having a girls night with some friends tonight!
Pics tomorrow! Hopefully lol

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Search

OK so the picture has nothing to do with the story today but Jessica wanted to see a pic of me when I was younger. Sorry Jessica no big bangs here! lol This is me and my husband (before we were married) We were both 18 here. Even though there are no big bangs you cant see the pants but they are stirrup pants with ankle boots and yes scruncie socks.

Well as promised I will finish my story from yesterday.

I was going to tell you about my mother. Like I said yesterday I lost track of her when I was 12. Before that I received a Christmas card and birthday card every year and the occasional letter with pictures of my brother and sister that she had with her new husband.

After I got married at the ripe old age of 19. I started to realize that she would want to know how I was doing, and I wanted to reconnect with her I felt like I was ready, but I guess the time was wrong. I sent a letter to the last known address I had for her but I never got a reply. My husband was in basic training and then went onto AIT and our first duty station was Germany, so the search was put on hold for about 3 years until we came back state side.

I started looking but never had any luck I searched the Internet till I was blue in the face but nothing. I used all the names I had available to me, to include her name her husband's name, and other family members that might know where she was.

Finally I had a break and I found a phone number for her mother (my grandmother!) But apparently the listing I found online was old and it was disconnected by the time I called. A dead end. I got really frustrated after that and slowed my search but I prayed about it all the time I asked God to help me find her.

I even enlisted anyone I knew who could help, my parents mostly they have always been very understanding about the whole thing and were willing to help me in anyway they could. I had a friend who told me she could find her for me but she needed some info on her, stuff I didn't have. So I called my parents they didn't know either, but Daddy told me that Tom (2 daddy from the first story) might have what I needed. So I called him, nothing. My dad knew he could help if he wanted to so he put in a call himself to his baby brother and let him have it :)

Dad: "This really means a lot to Cheri and you could help her if you wanted to"

Tom: "Yes but she is just opening up a can of worms and she has no business looking for her"

So this really ticked me off! Who was he to tell me I had no business since when did he care what I did? Since when did he ever show any interest in my life whatsoever!?!

So we kept on without his help (stupid jerk.) Mom and Dad had remembered that during the court proceedings to gain legal custody of me (technically not an adoption since my last name did not change) the were told by their lawyer to hire a Private Detective to check on my mother. I had the names of the Lawyer and the PI, I called them, nothing. But there was also the name of the company that her husband worked for in the papers my parents had. I looked it up online and called. I explained that I was looking for someone who worked there a long time ago, and gave the mans name. The man on the other end of the phone remembered him!!! But said he left the company a long time ago, he had heard that he was working for another company and was killed when some equipment fell on him. I asked if he remembered his wife but he didn't. Yet another dead end.

After years of praying and searching I was in a church where I grew so much and learned so much about prayer and being patient. So my prayers changed from "Dear God please let me find her" to "Dear God you know what I want and if you say no that is OK, just help me accept it and move on"

Apparently that is what God wanted to hear. A few months later I decided to look again, and instantly I found my grandmother, but I didn't get my hopes up yet it was disconnected the last time I found her number. But it was her!!! She was living in San Antonio! WOW! What kills me is that we lived there for a year and at the time I still was looking. I lived in the same town as my grandma for a year and didn't even know it.

Unfortunately she had no idea where my mother was either she had not heard from her in 2 years. But I was so thankful to have found my Mammaw (as she likes to be called) I was satisfied with that to have some kind of connection. I stopped looking and just thanked God for the gift on finding her. I started to call her every couple weeks and I sent her some pictures of my kids (I was pregnant with number 3 at the time)and she sent me some pictures of my mother that I had not seen before.

Well the army called again for us to move AGAIN! this time to Ft Campbell. I was hopping to have at least one of my kids born in Texas but oh well. So off we move to Tennessee. I still kept in touch with my Mammaw and made sure to give her our new number when we got there just in case she heard from my mother.

In January (before my baby was due in February) the phone rang.

I answered: "Hello"

voice : "Cheri is that you?" (she was crying)

it took me a minute to realize who it was

I answered : "yes, is this....?"

My mind was racing, I couldn't even think what to call her or what to say.

she said : "Its your momma, baby"

at that point we both started crying!

We talked for a while before I had to pick up my kids from school. I was in shock I couldn't the years of searching were over! After I hung up from her I called my parents, my sister, and everyone else who would want to know because they all knew my story. We were all so excited!

It will be 2 years in January since I first reconnected with my mother. I have been to see her several times. I have had a chance to meet my little sister and brother. Come to find out my brother is also in the army! I guess it is in my blood.

I am so thankful for this chance to get to know the family I never had a chance to know. But as I get to know them more I am also unbelievably thankful for the fact that God spared me from so much by allowing me to be raised the way I was. It amazes me to look back on my life and see what all God has given me even though I don't deserve it.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I know I already blogged today but.......

I saw this and had to share!

AHHH Memories

OK so I was reading my friends blog and it inspired me to blog some of my memories from my strange past. There is so much to say though I am not quite sure where to begin, I was born in Lafayette IN, OK maybe that is too far back lol. Although that time in my life is quite a story even though I don't remember most of it since I was just a baby. I only know what I was told.

BTW the pic is of me and my big sister Diane.

My parents Tom and Liz divorced when I was 8 months old. We lived near my fathers family and my Aunt and Uncle (father's brother) were the only people in the family nice to my mother, so she would call on them to help her out sometimes and soon I was spending more time with them than my own mother and father. There was a lot of back and forth and the time I spent with my mother got shorter and shorter. Finally my Aunt and Uncle gave her an ultimatum and said that the back and forth was too much on me, and offered to raise me as their own. My mother knowing the life they could offer me was so much better than what she could agreed.

So my Dad is my Uncle and my Mom is my Aunt, I know it sounds like we are hillbillies or something lol.

But life went on and my new family loved me as one of their own, of course they had previous experience in that area, my older sister Diane (see pic above) was adopted from an orphanage when she was 3. And my parents spent some time being foster parents for a while also. They had a lot of love in their hearts and they still do. I could not have asked for a better family my mother gave me more than she could ever realize by allowing them to raise me.

After 12 years of my life living with my parents (the Aunt and Uncle) and have some contact with my father and less with my mother I lost track of my mother which at the time I had other things I thought was way more important at the time and so it didn't bother me much until I was older.

The contact I have always had with my father has been much more strained over the years. When I was young I didn't realize what kind of person he was. I knew I had 2 daddies so he became my 2Daddy (ah the mind of a 3 year old) I received a phone call every year in November from him asking what I wanted for Christmas and my birthday (which is in Dec also) and then I got a big box of presents. We had moved to Texas when I was 5 but went back to IN every summer to visit family I always had to spend 3 or 4 days with him, now I know he was forced to spend that time with me, if it was up to him he probably would never have spent any time with me. Now that I am an adult I realize so much about him that I didn't before he didn't buy me those gifts because he loved me, he bought them out of guilt because he knew she should have been a bigger part of my life. When I realized that truth it was hard I was already married and had 2 of my beautiful children, he didn't come see them when they were born but sent gifts as usual, and they got much more expensive it was then I realized they were guilt gifts and not out of true love. I think he sensed that I was onto him because the gifts stopped, now we don't even get as much as a Christmas card from him much less birthday anything not even a phone call. Can you tell I am a little bitter? I try every day to forgive him for the way he has treated me over the years but that is not easy, epically now as a mother myself and this is affecting my own children. They know who he is, Grandpa Tom, but the only time they see him and his new family is when WE go there. I try to tell myself that it is his loss, he is missing out on being a part of their lives of his own free will. We live only 9 hours from him right now and in the 2 years we have lived here he has been down to see us 1 time after I had the baby (the only one of my kids he has seen as a newborn) they stayed for a whopping 2 days! And this time not one single gift. Not that I care about the gifts but it kinda symbolizes how our relationship has been over the years. It had dwindled down to the point that he is just an Uncle to me now and not my father. Although I will always try to do the right thing and keep him posted on what we are up to and how we are but I have come to accept the fact that it will never be nothing more than a few phone calls a year usually made by me.

OK so I just realized how flippin long this is, sorry! If you want to know what happened with my birth mother check back tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I got some work done!!!

It seems like no matter how bad I want to get some scrappin done something else always comes up to distract me (usually this computer lol) But I do have several pages done in the books I make for my family every year to give as christmas gifts, by the way I make 5 of these books to give out, and the way I take pictures that means a lot of scrappin!
Anyway I just thought I would share one of the layouts I have done it makes me giggle everytime I see the title
"Mischief waiting to happen"
And if you knew my baby you would know how true this is!
Well I have some more to scrap hopefully I can get another layout done before little mischief wakes up!

Monday, November 06, 2006

A drink!


OK so today is another stressful day! Maybe it is just all the stress of the past few days still hanging over my head and the stress of what is ahead looming over me like a black cloud, but I have been in the crappiest mood for the past 2 days now.
I have done nothing but yell at my poor kids all morning granted they have been more stubborn than usual too. Why is it that when you are stressed you kids act up more?
At least so far today I haven't had a phone call to show the house today. We have had to leave our house for the past 4 days in a row so that the realtor could show it. I am trying to be understanding about it all because I know how I would be trying to sell my house in Alabama but this has become a huge pain in my you-know-what! I get a few hours notice to have my house clean and be gone so that they can show it I am sorry but we live in our house! And I have to make it look almost unlived in. I cant wait to get this move over with.
Oh did I mention that my dear husband is taking a command about the same time we are moving? We have to buy all the food for the change of command ceremony (120 soldiers plus guests) We ordered the food and so far we are at $300 bucks for it all! And I still have to get plates napkins plastic forks and drinks!!! Plus decorate some for it.

OK enough griping I need a laugh again!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

To Run away

Today is just one of those days!
We overslept this morning and the baby was being grouchy so we didnt make it to church I hate it when that happens, I always feel weird al day like I missed something very important (which I am shur I did miss a good message we have a great pastor)
So we laid around most of the morning and when my beautiful daughter asked to play video games I remembered that we were so busy yesterday that the kids didnt practice their music lessons all day so I told her to practice her piano first and then she could play, apparently that is where I went wrong! She will practice for about 5 minutes (if that) and then ask if she is done knowing that she has to practice for an hour!!! So then the fight followed that she gets frustrated because she messes up and I keep trying to tell her that if she dosent practice she will never get it right, but what do I know I am just Mom right?
OK enough of my gripe session here is something funny to brighten your day! (and hopefully mine!)

Saturday, November 04, 2006


OK so it is getting hard to come up with endings to my main title of what I need, maybe I should change it but I don't think I can I think I am stuck with it.
Oh well, today is Saturday and we are busy busy busy as usual I am blogging when I should be working lol. We are trying to get the yard cleaned up and some work done around the house so that we can move in a few weeks, I like this house but I will be glad to get out of here the neighborhood isn't great and the schools are CRAP!!! Which BTW is why I am doing this home school thing this year. Next year the kids will be on post and can go to much better schools, but I have to finish out this year since I already paid the money for the curriculum.
It will be nice to have neighbors that will talk to you again, for some reason my neighbors don't talk to anyone around I have no idea who lives around me. The kids will have other kids to play with finally, and sidewalks!!! Why does this town not believe in sidewalks I will never know.
Anyway I better get back to work so that my husband and kids aren't doing it all.

Friday, November 03, 2006

A nap

Why is it when we are kids and we need to take a nap we don't want to? And then when we grow up and are adults we want to take naps but we have too much to do and we cant?

And while I am at it what is it about a brother and sister that makes them fight so much? I just had to take a minute from my very important blogging to go yell at my 2 oldest kids for fighting so loud I could hear them all the way upstairs (which means it is only a matter of time before they wake up the sleeping baby!) Why does a boy find it necessary to harass his sister to the point where she screams at him? I had 3 older brothers myself and I remember them harassing my sister to death , of course I didn't get bothered too much I was the baby by quite a few years so I was just too cute to irritate (rotflmbo!)

As my dad tells me when I gripe about the mischief they get into "AHHH The joys of raising kids" Makes me just want to smack him upside the head! LOL

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A part time Nanny!

I don't need someone everyday, but now that my husbands job is changing somewhat I have several responsibilities since I am married to him (Its an Army thing!)

I had a meeting today that I had to go to and take time out of our school day for and bug one of my friends to watch the kids for

I have a dinner to go to tomorrow night (yet another friend to sit with the kids)

And later in the month (the rather cold month of November) we have a Luau to go to (what the heck am I going to wear to that?!!??)

Then in December there will be a Christmas party thankfully I can take the kids to that one!

Busy Busy Busy!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More time in the day

Why do I need more time in the day you ask?
Not why you think.......
so I can have more time to play the Sims 2!
I just bought Pets today the newest expansion pack and WOW is it fun! You can create your own pet dog or cat make your own breed or just get a hamster or bird if you want!
Ok that is all I am blogging today I wanna go play some more :)