Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Story of Tod and Cheri

OK so I know my blog has been a bit boring lately but that is only because of the move and Thanksgiving lol I promise!

So Anyway here goes the story of us:

The first time I ever saw Tod was in 10th grade biology class, he sat behind me and across the row his friend sat directly behind me. We never talked because we hung out in completely different circles of friends, I was a quiet (kind of lol) church girl, and he hung out with all the cool kids that liked to party.

Our 11th grade year I moved away, because of my Dad's work (long story) but we had to move for a year. I was not a happy camper because I did NOT want to leave all my friends my JR year of High School and go to some strange place and make new friends! So I decided to make my parents life miserable and decided that being a good girl was getting boring so I made new friends in our new town, and I started dating another guy (another long story) and started drinking a lot. I drank so much in fact that I earned myself a party girl reputation and had a few VERY UNTRUE rumors started about me, not fun by the way.

At the end of my JR year my dad tells me that we can move back to Amarillo, and I can return to my friends there, now that I had changed so much I really didn't want to hang out with them anymore, but I had a few friends that I could hang out with still. I got a job at the mall in town and one night while I was at work an old friend stopped in and said hi, he invited me to hang out with him and some friends that night after work I agreed and met them at a park that night. Little did I know that night would change my whole life.

I went to the park and found my old friend (which by the way he invited me because he wanted to ask me out) he had some other friends, including Tod, with him and they had just gotten into a fight with some kids from the other side of town. After everything settled down from the fight we figured we should get out of there so we headed to Chris' house (myself, Chris, and Tod) we had a few drinks and Tod and I started talking, OK crying, about all the pain we have had over the past year caused by the opposite sex. Chris was sitting on the floor listening patiently until he finally had enough and told us to shut up and kiss already. Well we didn't kiss that night but it did put the thought into our heads and it wasn't long before we were a hot item. And lets just say my conservative christian parents did not like my new choice for a boyfriend! But they knew from the last year they couldn't do much to stop me.

Tod and I dated for our entire Senior year of High School. At the end of the summer I was about to head off to college and Tod and I had been doing a lot of fighting and honestly I was tired of it. I told him I did not want to spend the rest of my life fighting with him and broke up with him, the night before I left for college. Well that lasted about 3 months and I soon realized how much I missed his grouchy butt. So we got back together much to my family's dismay, and soon after that we decided to get married and Tod joined the Army. He left a week after we got married and went to basic training. The first 6 months of our marriage we were separated, we saw each other a handful of times and as soon as we could we were together again.
Now here we are 14 years later, more in love than ever.
I am so blessed!

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