Saturday, January 03, 2009

Dinner Conversation with the 3 year old..........

Tanner: Kaylin, how are you?

Kaylin: Pants!

the whole family laughs as the rest of the restaurant wonders why...

Kaylin: Wait Tanner, let me try that again....

Tanner: Ok, Kaylin, How are you?

Kaylin: (eye roll while she thinks of a good one) Sauce!

More laughter........

Kaylin: Again Tanner!

Tanner: Kaylin, How are you?

Kaylin: (with a big smile this time) Toilet!

As we all laugh I wonder how did I end up with such a weird kid, then I look at my husband and remember, Oh yeah I married a Willoughby! But then something in the back of my head reminds me it is much more the Stonecipher side of the family than it is Willoughby.
But I try to not think about that and just blame it on her father!