Saturday, December 27, 2008

This poor neglected Blog

I sat here tonight fixing up the backgrounds of my blogs and I realized how little I blog here. I post lots of photos on the photo blog but I almost never blog on here. Not because there is nothing interesting going on because believe me when you live with a child like Kaylin there is always something, I just never sit down to blog about it. No excuse but still.

I hope all my wonderful friends and family out there had a wonderful Christmas! I got the best Christmas gift this year! My Husband Came Home!! After a year of being a single Mom and almost losing all my sanity I can finally hand over the little monsters and hide!

I think my husband thinks I completely lost my mind while he was gone though, thanks to my new obsession, Twilight. The fact that a mom my age has read the series of 4 overly large meant for teenage girls books in a matter of a month, and then saw the movie twice, really has him worried. What is not to love about the books? Vampires, Werewolves, and true undying love! What more could a stressed out mom want in life? It was my alternate reality for that last month of the deployment when life had me to the point of breaking, I sent the kids to bed and visited Forks for a glimpse into Edward and Bella's fascinating life.

Don't get me wrong I love my children very much, but some days are more stressful than others and when they hit those teenage years those stressful days are much more often! Some of you may know what I am talking about, that point in life when your kids realize you are not cool at all, this whole time you had them convinced you were the coolest Mom around, and then POOF! They see you for the NERD you really are! I wish there was a cure for that! Until then I just keep trying, bribing them with cool Christmas gifts like Rock Band 2, and then trying to be cool by playing with them. By the way as fun as it is they wont think you are cool just by playing and singing cool rock music! I guess I will just have to hang on to the fact that Kaylin still thinks I am the best Mom around!