Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Almost there!

I cant believe I stuck with this for the whole month! But NaBloPoMo is almost over! I have really enjoyed blogging I feel like it has stretched my mind some I guess all the Barney and Elmo hasn't melted my brain after all :)
I finally had the cable guy get here today! I have been going insane with no TV for the past 2 weeks! We got satellite this time Tod thought it might be better but we will see, as long as I don't miss my favorite shows lol I will be fine. But we did get the DVR this time!! I am so excited! So if we are out I wont have to miss stuff like Lost! yes yes I am a Lost addict I cant help it.
Anyway I have to go jump into the shower we have a luau to go to tonight I have no idea why they would plan a luau in November in Tennessee! Can you say cold weather!!!!????!!!
Anyway better go 2 days left!!

1 comment:

Summer said...

DVR Rocks...and girl you must not know what cold is!