Saturday, November 04, 2006


OK so it is getting hard to come up with endings to my main title of what I need, maybe I should change it but I don't think I can I think I am stuck with it.
Oh well, today is Saturday and we are busy busy busy as usual I am blogging when I should be working lol. We are trying to get the yard cleaned up and some work done around the house so that we can move in a few weeks, I like this house but I will be glad to get out of here the neighborhood isn't great and the schools are CRAP!!! Which BTW is why I am doing this home school thing this year. Next year the kids will be on post and can go to much better schools, but I have to finish out this year since I already paid the money for the curriculum.
It will be nice to have neighbors that will talk to you again, for some reason my neighbors don't talk to anyone around I have no idea who lives around me. The kids will have other kids to play with finally, and sidewalks!!! Why does this town not believe in sidewalks I will never know.
Anyway I better get back to work so that my husband and kids aren't doing it all.

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