Monday, November 27, 2006

HI HO HI HO.......

OK so I don't have to leave to do work but boy have I been working my butt off the past 2 days! With the exception of doing some shopping yesterday lol but in my defense I had to get a Birthday present for Tod since Today is his birthday (big 34!)
Last night we hung some pictures finally, and put out the Christmas decorations. I was so exhausted after that I didn't feel like finishing the kids rooms hopefully I can get to that tonight. I had to unpack the office just so they could start school this morning they had tests and quizzes to do and the quiz and test books were still packed away. So I found the books, and got it all put up and most of my scrapping stuff put up so I thought I earned a break to sit down for a minute.
As I sit here I realize that my blog has been pretty boring lately but then I have been doing nothing but moving the past few weeks.
Hopefully tomorrow I can post something more interesting. But until then I should get back to work on unpacking.

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