Monday, November 20, 2006


I was so irritated st the phone /Internet co!
We moved on Friday had the phone and net turned off at the other house that day and it was supposed to be turned on the same day at the new place well here it is Monday and it JUST NOW got turned on! My Hubby had to call them from his cell phone this morning to see what the problem was, apparently there was a mix up in the lines somewhere, WHATEVER!!! Stupid people :P

Anyway! I think the kids are really enjoying being here on post things are a lot safer here they can actually go out and ride their bikes around the neighborhood now which is what they are doing right now. At the other place the street and well the whole area was so bad I didn't even want them in the front yard.
I still have a LOT of work to do my house is a disaster area and I am probably out of the running now on NaBloPoMo but still here I sit this has become an obsession for me now I can get through the day with out sitting down at least once to post something.

I should probably go try to get something done since the baby is asleep right now.
I do have a funny moving story I will try to make time to share tomorrow.

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