Friday, July 06, 2007

The Kaylin Dictionary
(noun) KEE ko see - Strawberry Shortcake

Pee.pee.pants (adjective/noun) PEE pee panz - a pretty princess, or other female Disney character that wears a tiara, crown or any other bling-bling; see also pee.pee.priss

Teat (noun) TEET - tea (she loves to have tea parties)

Mice (adjective) MYSS - nice. Example: if someone spills something at the table and Mommy says "nice!", Kaylin feels obligated to top it off with "mice". (noun) BEE be bare - Pooh Bear, see also Care Bear

Sheet (noun) SHEET- sheep, and sometimes goats

Ap.a.sush (noun) APP a sush - a cold slushy, icee or other frozen drink. Does not have to be apple flavored, as the term implies.

Hel.lo (noun) hah LO? '"HELLO" - a telephone, cellular or landline.

Fi.flies (noun) fie'flyz - deep fried potatoes from a fast food establishment. Not to be confused with the English term "fire flies", which Kaylin eats a little less often than "french fries".

Me.mer (noun) MEE murr - half human, half fish (mermaid). (noun) MEE mow - any tropical fish. See Finding Nemo.

Buut (noun) booot' - a water vessel (boat).

Ga.go.sie (set of action type words in a question format) ga GO sye?? - a young child's attempt at conning her parents into taking her OUTSIDE. Usually used while pulling on the adult's hand briskly toward the nearest exit.

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