Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Carnton Plantation, Franklin TN.

If you live anywhere in the south you most likely have seen some historical landmark from the civil war. We had family in town last week and we all loaded up into 2 cars (because there were so many of us) and went to Franklin Tn to see the Carnton Plantation, if you have not yet been there......... skip it! Not because it isnt worth the drive and not because it is not beautiful! (because it is both) but because the people running it are the rudest people we have ever met in our lives! We were a large group of 10 (just our family) that included 4 kids (2 older kids and 2 babies) well apparently the tour guide for the day did not like kids and espically not babies, he made a sly little comment to our inlaws about their baby before we even went into the house, then said somehting to them about her wiche resulted in my brother in law and sister in law leaving the house with their baby. Next it was our turn, Kaylin was not even fussing just noticed the fake fruit on the table and kept saying "apple, apple" The guy said something again which at that point Tod left and took Kaylin out. Then my Mother in law's Fiance went out to offer to watch the babies so we could all see the house that left only Myself, Tanner, Savana, and my Mother in law on the tour. Savana got sick to her stomach as soon as we went upstairs and the guy started talking about all the soliders that died in the house during the battle, so I had to take her out. We paid $10 bucks for 10 people (each) and only 2 actually saw the whole house!
Needless to say Tod waited for the tour guide and let him have it for being so rude :)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

So I am no longer Unoriginal

I finally got around to changing the name of my blog, I struggled with it for about 10 minutes sitting here trying to come up with something catchy, still nothing but at least I am not unoriginal anymore :) YAY ME!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mullets and Billy Ray

If anyone watched Dancing with the stars last night you saw Billy Ray Cyrus attempt to dance to this song, well lets just say I havent laughed so hard in a while!