Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Farm trip 08

Well we made it home safe and sound from the farm. All except for me anyway, I have a few scrapes and bruises.
While walking through the cattle barn at the county fair my ankle turned and I went down and now I have a scrape on my knee the size of Texas! Ok so it isnt that big but it hurts! The next day while getting off the bleachers after a lamb show the same ankle turned again this time no extra scrapes just now that ankle is more sore than it already was.
I locked my keys in the car! Well Kaylin locked the car without me knowing it and I closed the door then realized it was locked. We have onstar but the phone number was in my purse and you guessed it my purse was in the car also. I just so happened to be talking to Tod over IM on my phone so I asked him to look up the number for me, so here he was in Afghanistan looking up the number for onstar. So I called and they opened the door for me! I love Onstar!
Other than that it was a fun trip. Tanner and Savana helped with the animals and really enjoyed the work. They made a friend in the most unlikely place, a 1200 pound steer named Stanley. He was without a doubt the most gentle steer, he was almost like a puppy instead of a steer!
Of course seeing cousins and Aunts and Uncles and grandma and grandpa was fun too. By the way I didnt hit me until this trip but I am a Great Aunt! My nephew Seth has a beautiful girl named Blair and another one on the way! Now I feel old! LOL
Pictures of Stanley and more on the photo blog!