Monday, November 06, 2006

A drink!


OK so today is another stressful day! Maybe it is just all the stress of the past few days still hanging over my head and the stress of what is ahead looming over me like a black cloud, but I have been in the crappiest mood for the past 2 days now.
I have done nothing but yell at my poor kids all morning granted they have been more stubborn than usual too. Why is it that when you are stressed you kids act up more?
At least so far today I haven't had a phone call to show the house today. We have had to leave our house for the past 4 days in a row so that the realtor could show it. I am trying to be understanding about it all because I know how I would be trying to sell my house in Alabama but this has become a huge pain in my you-know-what! I get a few hours notice to have my house clean and be gone so that they can show it I am sorry but we live in our house! And I have to make it look almost unlived in. I cant wait to get this move over with.
Oh did I mention that my dear husband is taking a command about the same time we are moving? We have to buy all the food for the change of command ceremony (120 soldiers plus guests) We ordered the food and so far we are at $300 bucks for it all! And I still have to get plates napkins plastic forks and drinks!!! Plus decorate some for it.

OK enough griping I need a laugh again!

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