Tuesday, October 31, 2006

So I dont need anything right now

It was a busy but good day, Halloween, "Trunk or Treat" went well I decided on an Army theme (a big stretch for us I know) we had enough stuff for it laying around the house it was the easiest to do, all I had to buy was candy (5 bags to be exact but I have plenty left over YUMM!) The girl in the picture above is one of our teens at church with glowing teeth Tod was telling her there was something wrong with her teeth lol.

I think the kids had fun, I had a Pirate, a Princess, and Elmo. Elmo caught on to the whole thing pretty quickly! She went quickly to every car and waited for them to give her candy then she went on to the next one. She even went back to some a second time and because she was so cute she just kept getting more!

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