Thursday, October 26, 2006

The baby to take a nap!

Why is it that no matter how tired a baby is there are days when they just refuse to take a nap? She has had a cold for a week now and if she isnt better by tomorrow I am going to take her to the doc. But until then Why wont she just take a nap??!! I have gone into her room twice now and told her night night she flops back down into her bed and cries for about 10 minutes off and on then just starts playing again.
And While I am asking questions.....
Why do people when they know they are sick go ahead with a big birthday party for their kid causing everyone else that goes to the party to catch whatever it was she had? We went to a birthday party for one of my husbands coworkers kids she was sick, and the kids were just getting over it. Now my almost 20 month old and my husband is sick. Now the baby I can take to the doctor and let her get lots of rest but my husband has too much going on and cant just not go to work. He is in the army, he cant just call in sick, he had a 12 mile ruck march on monday in 20 degree weather with a chest cold! GRRRRRRR! People are so inconsiderate!
ok off to go tell the baby night night again, hopefully she will go to sleep this time, right now she is asking for Ernie lol one of her favorite sesame street characters.

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