Friday, May 04, 2007

So, it is not just me!

Everyone who has ever met me knows how I eat. I dont try to keep it a secret, that is just not possible, because eventually there will be a time where a new friend will say "Is that all you are going to eat?!?" At that point I have to explain myself.

Hi, my name is Cheri, and I am a Picky Eater.

Now, some people will say something like "Oh yeah I am too." Really? Ya think you are picky? at which point I explain just how picky I am, I cant possible list all the things I DONT eat the list is too long, it is so much easier to list the things I do.

Almost in order
Peanut butter
Pizza (only pepperoni)
pretty much anything coated in sugar ;)
French Fries
Baked potato (PLAIN, just butter and salt)
some chicken depending on how it is served usually something like a chicken strip from Dairy Queen or something
Salad, but only with lettuce, carrots, and bacon bits NO DRESSING!!!
Very few fruits
even less veggies

Basically if its healthy I cant eat it. Yes I said CANT. I have tried foods over the years and I usually end up gagging on them or no matter how hard I try I cant swallow it.
For years I believed I was the only one like this! And for years I would ahve to explain the whole story to every one and go through every food they can think of and tell them "nope I cant eat that" Somehow people just dont get it. Ther is always some jerk who is determined to get me to eat something and will make a big deal about it. I am who I am, there is nothing I can do no matter how much I want to I cant just fix this little "problem" I have. I WISH I could just snap my fingers and be normal! I would love to be able to enjoy a romantic dinner with my husband without stressing over will there be something on the menu I can eat.

Recently MSN posted an article about me, ok well not about "ME" but about people like me. Guess What I am not the only one!!!
The Grown-Up Picky Eaters Club
Check it out you will be suprised how many of "us" there are.

Here is a poem a fellow picky eater wrote hopefully it will help you better understand.

Confessions of a Unique Eater

Take a peek-a-boo glance, into the interesting life …
Of a picky-eating mom and happily married wife.
I refuse to be ashamed, of the way that I am …
and why do you care - if I love jelly, but hate jam.

I adore peanut butter, and I eat a ton of nuts …
but can't stand veggies, no if's – and's – or butts.
I'm a chicken finger fool, as long as they're fried -
but you better not put any sauces on the side!

Tomatoes are forbidden, yet somehow I like chili –
and I know other folks, just think that's really silly.
Hamburgers are okay – if plain and totally dry …
& DON'T scrape off the cheese – just don't even try!

I do love my oatmeal – and can enjoy tuna fish -
but of course, never together, not in the same dish.
My drinks must have ice, but no lemon in my tea -
& even though I love the smell – I never drink coffee.

I hate pasta, I hate rice – and like very little bread …
and truth be told – I prefer plain pancakes instead.
I hate the smell of eggs, but can eat French Toast…
and since I hate to cook, I am not the best host.

I have never eaten Pizza – or Italian food of any kind …
I never eat Chinese – the smell alone, makes me blind.
Forget about Mexican – those rice and beans are gross - -
no chips or salsa for me, not even the smallest dose.

No salads for this lady. No casseroles – no quiche.
And if I say " no thanks" – I actually mean it – SHEESH!
Now I do love bananas, and apples and oranges too -
and I might eat some grapes, but only just a few.

Now this is just a "taste" – or a "sampling" of who I am…
a gal who hates hot dogs – but doesn't mind spam.
If you understand me – GREAT - if you don't, oh well …
I just pray you're never plagued
-- - with such sensitivity to texture & smell.

Written by: Debra Sue Higginbotham

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