Monday, May 14, 2007

Getting old

Well, my son (who just turned 12) had his first middle school dance last Friday night. That makes me feel so old! I was not sure how it would go for him since he insists that girls are so gross. He didn't have a date thank goodness but went with a few friends.
Tod wanted to make sure his son looked cool for the dance just in case he changed his mind. My husband, who never gets home from work until 7pm or later, came home early to take Tanner to the mall before the dance to get a new "cool" outfit from American Eagle, including new shoes (Vans of course.) He looked so handsome when he came out with his new jeans, new shirt, new shoes, and new necklace? Yep he got a necklace too. I couldn't help but think he resembled someone I once knew (Teenage Tod) he walked out so proud of his new outfit and his even prouder daddy was right behind him. It seems that in the past few weeks since his birthday, he has turned into a young man right before my eyes. He has grown his hair out some so no more high and tight army brat haircuts, nope now he has this new style if that is what you want to call it that messy look, where you basically roll out of bed and go look. Of course I know I really cant complain much because in our day our parents complained about the hair and clothes we wore.
Well the night went fine, the boys had fun, Kevin kissed the new girl, and Jordan asked all the girls at the dance to see if any of them likes Tanner, apparently one girl thinks he is "hott". I am not sure I am ready for all this!

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